Get out of your own way.

Hi, I’m Mia.

I’m a women’s empowerment coach with a design training. After watching the women around me holding themselves back and hiding their potential from the world, I founded Build Yourself to help women get the careers and businesses they wanted on their own terms. I’ve been called a ‘tough love cheerleader’ by clients, and have been told by women who I coach that I come to know them so well, that “it’s like I’m inside their heads.”

After working with hundreds of women in design and the creative fields, I’ve seen the patterns women fall into again and again. The ways they tell themselves stories that limit their potential.

Most of the time these stories are unconscious–you may not even know what your little inner critic is doing back there. But the good news is that when you daylight those stories, you can move past them.

I’ve pulled together the top limiting beliefs that I see ambitious creative women struggle with. In this free guide, I’ll help you find yours and share how to get beyond its grasp.

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You are a superstar.

You’ve got an impact to make, a career or business to grow, and a life to live. And you want the recognition, the compensation, the opportunities and the chance to grow creatively, while doing it.

You’re afraid to want more. But you suspect there’s more out there for you.

But you’re worried you might be the one holding yourself back.

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